If you are interested in entering the service but have questions or you are  unsure which branch to enter, you can reach out to Mr. Oldknow in Room 108 or e-mail him at   Additionally, you are encouraged to read the following article: Deciding Which Military Service to Join.  Contact information for military recruiters are listed below. 

United States Air Force:

Recruiter: Technical Sergeant Freddy Garcia

Cell: (609) 220-3355


United States Army

Recruiter: Sgt. America Castaneda 

Office: (856) 691-2214

Cell:  (908) 361-0585


Recruiter: Sgt. Camrin Nakutis

Office: (856)-691-2214

Cell: (732)644-9116


United States Coast Guard

Recruiter: Petty Officer Nicholas J. Saporito

Cell: (609) 839-1386


United States Marine Corp

Recruiter: Staff Sergeant Jared M. McIntosh

Cell: (973) 768-9587


United States Navy

Recruiter: Jamel Baker

Office: (410) 409-1357


United States Navy: NAVY ROTC                                                                                                                               

NROTC Coordinator: Chief Petty Officer Boone                                                                                                                                 

Phone: (215) 207-7338                                                                                                                                


New Jersey Army National Guard

Recruiter: Sergeant Jazmin Segarra

Phone: (856) 364-2832


Are you thinking about applying to a Military Academy?  Applying as a Service Member can make your dream come true. In New Jersey alone, 5K applications were submitted for 5 available slots. Did you know that Military Academies reserve spots for enlisted members every year? Many of those go unfilled. Also, while Congressional Nominations are required for all applicants, they are not required for service members who apply through their chain of command with a much faster application process.  For additional information check out the links below

United States Military Academy: West Point

United States Naval Academy

United States Air Force Academy

United States Coast Guard Academy

United States Merchant Marine Academy