Last Friday, September 20th, photographer Rick Friedman came in to speak with Studio Production's junior and senior students on the use of practical lighting to create engaging digital content. 

Mr. Friedman runs workshops all over the US, UK, and Canada, and happened to be in Millville on Saturday, September 21st and Sunday, September 22nd, to hold workshops along with T&F Camera. Mr. Friedman very graciously allowed CCTEC’s Studio Production students the opportunity to attend his workshops free of charge.

The turnout of CCTEC students was tremendous. Twenty-six Studio Production students attended Saturday's workshop, while sixteen attend students attended Sunday's workshop located at Union House at Union Lake.  Students learned advanced camera settings that allow for greater control over the quality of the content captured. Some examples include the use of shutter speed, ISO and aperture to control your exposure in different lighting situations. They also learned various lighting techniques that built upon information they had previously practiced in the classroom.  Students learned to bounce and shape light around subjects in unique environments. 

Communication skills and networking were two other key areas of focus during the seminar. So much of this field is based around communication and maintaining relationships with others in industry. It was a great way for CCTEC students to begin reaching out and building these connections and speaking with individuals who have experience in a variety of fields within the industry.

CCTEC would like to thank Mr. Friedman for provided CCTEC students with this opportunity!