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Affirmative Action Officer
Mr. Mario Olsen

CCTEC Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Mr. Mario Olsen

CCTEC Anti-Bullying Specialist

Mrs. Christina Ferus

The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act was enacted on January 5, 2011.  As a result, all school districts in NJ beginning in September of 2011 were required to implement all mandates within this bill.  One of the mandates requires schools to post their annual H.I.B. Reports and the annual Self-Assessment.  The District Anti Bullying Grade is based on the School Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.  For 2015-2016 year, CCTEC scored 67 out of a possible high of 78.

H.I.B Letter to Parents

H.I.B Annual Report

2017 Report

H.I.B. Board Policy