Welcome to CCTEC’s Guidance homepage. The Guidance Department is an integral part of the district’s educational program. Counseling and/or other related services are available to aid pupils in making informed and responsible decisions concerning life’s many choices – personal, educational, and career/vocational.


Patricia Robbins, Assistant Principal, Student Services,  ext. 3102

Marysol Suppi, Secretary for Student Services,, ext. 3202

Christina Ferus, School Psychologist, ext. 3301

Chuck Oldknow, Social Worker, ext. 3302

Sharon Gates, School Counselor, ext. 3303

Child Study Team

A wide variety of special education program options are available for students who require specialized instruction and/or related services such as speech/language services, occupational therapy and physical therapy in order to meet their educational needs.

If you have any questions about our special education programs or feel that your child may require services, please call the office of Special Education at 856-451-9000 ext. 3204.

Academic Advisement

Students have the opportunity to request an individual appointment with their counselor by completing a form they can obtain from their homeroom teachers. Counselors are also available to answer parents’ questions concerning their child via email or phone.

Counselors meet with students on a regular basis to monitor their academic progress. They also assist students with information (careers, college, technical training) so that they can achieve their future goals.

College Resources

Counselors are available to assist students with their college search. By junior year, students should be researching and if possible, visiting various technical schools and colleges.  There is a wealth of college information in the Guidance Office and in the Media Center.

Keep in mind that family, friends, and neighbors can also be a valuable resource in the college search process.

Options to investigate your plan:

  1. Naviance. All students will have an account set up during their freshman year. Students should use this resource often to search colleges and career paths. Student will be building a personal portfolio in Naviance throughout their high school years.
  2. CollegeBoard. Want to make sure you are on the right track for college? Click on the appropriate link below to see. Sign up for a free profile in CollegeBoard

College and Career Day is scheduled for March 28, 2018.

Many colleges, businesses, and service organizations will be present to speak to students. Professional dress is required for College and Career Day. Don’t miss out on showcasing your professional skills and learning about the possibilities for your future.


All Sophomores at CCTEC will be taking the PSAT 10 in the Spring of 2018 at no charge. The PSAT 10 is highly relevant to your future success because it focuses on the skills and knowledge at the heart of education. It will measure what you learn in high school and what you need to succeed in college

The best way to prepare for the test is to:

  • Take challenging courses
  • Do your homework
  • Prepare for tests and quizzes
  • Ask and answer lots of questions

In short, take charge of your education and learn as much as you can.  There are many tools available if a student would like to further prepare for the  PSAT 10—and they’re free.

Paper-and-Pencil Practice

Taking an official practice test is a great way to simulate test day. Plus, you can score your own practice test and learn from your mistakes.

Review Practice Tests

Sample Questions

Get to know the PSAT 10 with these sample questions.

Review Sample Questions

Personalized Study with Khan Academy

The College Board and Khan Academy® have partnered to make practicing easy and personal. At Khan Academy, you can access thousands of questions approved by the College Board, take official SAT practice tests, and create personalized study plans based on your results.

Taking an SAT practice test is good practice for the PSAT 10 because the assessments measure the same skills and knowledge in ways that make sense for different grade levels.

Practice on Khan Academy

School Counts!

The School Counts! program provides two-year Cumberland County College tuition scholarships to county residents who earn four consecutive School Counts! certificates from participating high schools. In order to earn a School Counts! certificate, students must:

  • have an exemplary attendance record by not exceeding 9 unexcused absences.
  • have achieved a higher-than-average GPA in maintaining a “C” or better in all courses.
  • have successfully completed Algebra I; and
  • be scheduled to graduate from high school on time.

Intervention and Referral Services

I & RS is an intervention and referral service which is offered to students who develop "at risk" behaviors such as not completing assignments, declining or failing grades, absenteeism, tardiness, decreased participation and other issues that place students at rick for school failure and other problems.  The I & RS team offers services when all other efforts have been exhausted.

To refer a student to the I & RS team, please contact Celese Nolan, Assistant Principal at 451-9000 ext 3103.